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Debt consolidation – Yes, I can get my debts sorted!

Struggling to keep up with credit card bills…hire purchase payments…store card bills…loans with other lenders…different due dates…different repayment amounts?

Then a Yes Finance debt consolidation loan can help you get sorted!

A debt consolidation loan simply means taking out one single loan to pay off several others. There are many benefits of rolling multiple debts into a single personal loan (‘consolidating’):

You’ll have one easy payment to look after, a fixed term loan. This allows you to get rid of the credit and store cards that have no end date.

Most of the time your repayments are reduced – getting your loan sorted allows you to take control of your budget with an interest rate that in most cases is lower than you are currently paying.

Interest Rates

Yes Finance interest rates vary from 14.9% p.a. to 29.9% p.a., and the actual rate charged will depend on many factors including the amount of lending, the term of the loan, size of deposit, customer credit history and risk profile.

For more detail on fees visit our Standard Administration Fees and Charges

Online loan application

We have designed our online application to collect the smallest amount of initial information to enable us to do a quick assessment to see if we can help you.

If we can assist you we will ask you to complete a more detailed application.

Nobody likes filling in forms but the more effort and detail you put into completing the application the faster we can get back to you with an answer.

If you would rather us call you to complete the balance of the loan application we are happy to do that.


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These amounts are indicative only and calculated over a calendar year. The purpose of the calculator is to give an indication of amount you can borrow only. The amount on a loan may differ depending on your application assessment and insurances taken.




"Just a short note to acknowledge receipt of payment, and to thank you for your top service." - Peter Smith
"Just wanted to say thank you to yourself and please pass it on to Graeme and the rest of the team for helping us over the past few years – you have obviously been a great help for us and it has allowed us to get into a much better position." - Kris
"I would like to thank you Toni for your support and understanding when my family had a change of circumstances hehehe well more than once.It has been fantastic service for the time that the car was on finance thank you again." - Kohu Tongaawhikau
"You advertised a great deal on the radio and promised great service and I received all of the above. Your team are true professionals!" - C Walsh, Hamilton
"Thanks so much for all your kind assistance rendered since the beginning of this year. I think out of all the financials I’ve dealt with during my time of financial hardship, I can boldly say that Yes Finance has been the only finance company who has dealt with me as a person and not just someone to abuse to pay more." - Nunia
"Thanks for sending through the paper work – I received it yesterday. I also wanted to thank you for the great customer service you provided, and also the Events Cinema card (awesome!). If only more companies offered such great service!" - De Wet
"AWESOME (even with the interest)!!!!!!! I can’t wait. I will let you know when I have everything. Thank you so much for your efficiency, friendliness and help. I really appreciate it." - Karyn Grey
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